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Prominent Net Protector 1.0

Prominent Net Protector allows administrators to control computers remotely
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Prominent Net Protector is fast growing products to give IT administrators the ability to see and control computers from a remote location. Prominent Net Protector delivers more than any competing product available.


-Invisible Remote Control: Net Protector can run totally in invisible mode at the client system. Client will not able to know that the Net Protector client is running in there system. And server will able to get all the system and work detail from client system
-Full Remote Control: You are in control with a host desktop that can display as full screen or a window. Utilize host control via keyboard and mouse, and execute remote commands and programs, as well as log-off, switch-off, reboot.
-Complex Remote Management: Full access to system control, services, registry, task manager, event logs, approvals and consoles make Netop Remote Control a versatile tool.
-Keyboard Recorder: Net protector is providing easy way to record all keyboard event of client system.
-Website Recorder and lock: Net protector client can record Website visited by client , and server and lock the website, so client will not able to visit that site again.
-Software Lock: Net protector will help you lock any running software at client system.
-Bidirectional File Transfer (Optional): The system includes a high-performance file manager with drag and drop support for copying, moving, synchronizing and cloning of files.
-Bidirectional Chatting (Optional): Net Protector provides you the easy way to do chatting between server and client and between client to client. Server will have record of all chatting.
-Central Installation: Central, network-wide roll-out of the Net Protector Hosts with help of the Net Protector Pack ’n Deploy.
-Communication Protocols: Net Protector supports of communication protocolsg., TCP/IP.
-Inventory: Net Protector Remote Control enables remote collection of all hardware and software information in an excel file .

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